Cost of Tinting Car Windows

Installing tint on one’s car windows goes beyond adding an aesthetic appeal to it. It is true that auto tint makes a car look cooler than without it, but tint brings many advantages that are not limited to the visuals. Among the primary benefits that one gets after getting his car tinted is safety. During vehicular accidents, the tint film prevents the windows from shattering into small pieces of broken glass thus decreasing the likelihood of the passengers getting sprayed with these broken pieces. Car tint also hides valuable items inside the car from the would-be thieves’ view, and it reduces, if not eliminates, glare from the sun or headlights. In addition to safety, window tint adds to one’s comfort, since installing tint prevents the build-up of heat especially during the sunny days.

Tinting car windows also helps in the long run since it reduces interior fading which is brought about by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Also, because tinting the windows of one’s car helps block more than 90% of the UV rays, the driver and passengers in the vehicle are not exposed to the sun’s rays, which are known to be harmful to the skin.

Do-it-yourself car window tint kits are primarily available on the market, especially at online stores such as and A search for DIY tints at these websites reveals that most of the DIY kits are priced below $100. Some kits come with up to 50% discount, and some are even offered to be shipped to the buyer for free.

However, reviews on DIY tint kits show that when it comes to tinting car windows, nothing beats the professional services. Some customers who purchased DIY kits experienced problems with installing the tint on their own and others observed bubbling and peeling after a few months of installation. Moreover, professional tinting companies are usually updated on window tint regulations and hence can advise a client regarding the state’s or city’s specified tinting limits. This service is not available in DIY tint kits and thus can get one in trouble with law enforcement officers.

Professional tinting companies offer much more expensive services than DIY kits. However, given the many advantages stated above, it is wise to invest in professional auto tinting services. Exclusive Detail and Tint offers tinting services between $120 for smaller cars and as much as $380 for bigger cars. Soundmaster Tint & Alarm, which is located in San Antonio, offers installation of heat rejecter tints between $199 and $400 and could get even more expensive when more heat rejecter tints are used.

TintPro’s window tinting installation cost around $220 for wagons and small SUV’s, and $250 for full-size SUV’s. TintPro also offers installation cost for pick-up trucks at $150 to $200.

Pro Window Tinting offers its clients lifetime warranties against bubbling, peeling and fading. It is located in Long Beach, California and has received plenty of good reviews from its customers. Its window tinting installation cost also varies as with other companies, but the average price is at $200.